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Youth and Adult

Youth and Adult

Reflection Paper 2 – Sub-Cultures: Youth and Adult


In our lectures this week, we are looking at the Seven Models of Society. These are solutions to the age-old question “How do we live together?” proposed by major historical philosophers and social scientists (and this course!)

Although societies have always had adult sub-cultures, there has a rise in youth subcultures since the 1950s, particularly in Britain, the United States, and Canada.

The term “sub-culture” is describes visually and behaviorally distinctive characterizes of youth groups (and adult groups, as well.) Early sub-cultures were often seen as “deviant”, however, society is more enlightened now.

Subcultures tend to be either resistance/attention-oriented such as punks or commodity-oriented such as bikers. The commodity-oriented sub-cultures originated in the U.S. and the attention-oriented sub-cultures originated in Britain.

In recent years, we have see the rise of Millennial Youth Subcultures” and the media has played a huge role in the construction and growth of these groups.

In this exercise, we will not be including gangs. They are covered in Dr. Valdez’s popular UCI courses.

Reflecting on our Seven Models of Society, we can apply them to belonging to a sub-culture.

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