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Yoga Video Reflection

“Imbolc Yoga Nidra- Welcoming Breath of Life at Turn of Winter to Spring- Uma Dinsmore-Tuli” is a 14-minute video recorded to assist viewers to traverse the seasonal turn of the year. The transition from the long summer days to short and cooler winters requires the creation of a new harmony to control the manner through which one’s life flows. The yoga video promotes such transition by allowing the viewers to have an inner conversation, slow down, and get into a quiet space with the goal of identifying any benefits that would result from such meditation.

            Prior to watching the video, I had a negative attitude towards any form of yoga and viewed it as an ordinary type of exercise with no significant value. I saw the process as a way of repression or manipulation of feelings of an individual. However, by viewing the video and being part of a yoga experience, I have noticed that the process focuses on promoting positive thinking that concentrates on the good qualities of an individual. Participation in yoga promotes inner peace, happiness, joy, and love needed when facing the next stage of life. Moreover, the meditative experience attained from the practice offers therapeutic healing and can lead to enhanced productivity and creativity of an individual.

I intend to continually take part in Yoga Nidra. Since I always have to deal with various challenges in my every day, engaging in a meditation process that promotes positive thinking will assist me to overcome the challenges. Additionally, the process will enable me to improve my productivity and innovativeness to perform better in any tasks that I undertake. Constant engagement in Yoga Nidra will enable me to have proper control over my life. 

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