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Yancey ‘s narrative

1. What do you think Yancey means when he says, “The Sermon on the Mount introduced a new moon in the moral universe that has exerted its own force of gravity ever since” (pg. 132)?

2. Yancey summarizes how different church leaders or movements throughout history have interpreted the Sermon on the Mount (pgs. 134-136). Summarize their position and the problem with it, according to Yancey: Aquinas, Luther, Anabaptists, Dispensationalists, and Schweitzer.
3. What position does Yancey ultimately take on how to interpret Jesus’ Sermon? (pgs. 142-144

Pick one, AND ONLY ONE, of the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-11) and discuss in detail the answers to these three questions Stott poses in relation to that specific Beatitude.
Who are the people described?
What are the qualities commended?
What are the blessings promised?