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Writing messages

Scenario 1

Your organization has been chosen to feature in a TV series “Great Place to Be”. How are you going to prepare people for this event?
Write a memo and list other materials/actions you would take

Scenario 2: Improve this message

Dear Kevin,
The other day I noticed that you were laughing and joking with colleagues around the water cooler. Do you think you can muster the will to pull yourself away from the water cooler and start working on the Noxos report? You are paid to work not to waste time. I’m wondering if I’ll be forced to reconsider your role here.

Scenario 3

Your company has just been taken over by a Swiss consortium. Punctuality has now become an issue and is to be a new facet of the company culture. What actions would you take?

Scenario 4

The company car park needs to be repainted. The repainting will be done over the weekend. Anyone and everyone uses the car park and some employees leave their cars there over the weekend (in fact there are even informal events held there); how are you going to get in touch with the car owners to ensure that the car park is free over the weekend?