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Writing Assignment

Directions:  Students are to answer the questions using the assigned readings for the week.  Students will submit the responses to all of the questions to the online discussion board and to safe assign.  Students will need to respond to at least one classmate and to the instructor. All work must include references and/or citations. Minimum word count for each question is 150 words.  Please consult the grading rubric for assignments guidelines.

To prepare for this Discussion students are to review Unit 1 and 2. After reviewing Units 1 and 2 answer the following questions in the discussion board. Students will need to answer all of the questions.

Unit 1 Questions

Question 1:

        Before taking this course, please share your understanding of American history.   

        What knowledge or understanding do you have about U.S. History?  (If this is your

        first course, please share this.)  After reviewing Unit 1, please share what ideas or

        concepts that were connected to what you already knew before taking this course. 

        What ideas or theories presented from the reading were new to you? OR If you

        were to define history, what would you offer as a definition?

Question 2:

Consider the early indigenous groups that lived in the New World.   After reviewing lessons 1-2 and reviewing the films, identity at least three Native groups that were living in the New World.  Do you agree that the Columbian Exchange impacted Native Americans? Please explain why or why not.

Question 3:

Several groups began arriving to the New World after 1492.  Identify at least one group from lessons 3-4 that were discussed.  Who was this group and discuss their lives before and after they arrived to the Americas.  Discuss your understanding of the individual groups that began to establish live in the new world (Example: Puritans, Pilgrims, Quakers and other groups).

Question 4:

Select at least one film from Unit 1.  What was the film.  What insights did you gain from the film about American history?  Please specific which specific individuals, groups, or movements were discussed in this film.

Unit 2 Questions

Question 1:

Share your understanding about colonial life in America during this time.  Identify some of the ongoing conflicts that you found that existed between the colonists and Native tribespeople, the colonist and Great Britain and the colonists with others. 

Question 2:

What would you consider the leading events or origins of the American Revolution?  Do you believe that the French and Indian War influenced this conflict?  Please share your reasoning why or why not?

Question 3:

Identify at one of the events either leading up to the American Revolution or an event that occurred during the American Revolution.  What was this event?  What is your understanding of the event? What significant impact do you believe that this event had on the origins of the American Revolution? Please also share your understanding of the Declaration of Independence.

Question 4:

What is the significance of the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution?  What commonalities did you find between these two documents?  What differences did you find?

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