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writing a critique of ?Scaffolding language learning in an academic ESL classroom', ELT Journal Advance Access, published April 4, 2013

writing a critique of ?Scaffolding language learning in an academic ESL classroom’, ELT Journal Advance Access, published April 4, 2013

– Following Assignment Question instructions.
– Getting benefit from uploaded files “class handouts”
– Pay attention to Assessment criteria.
– “10” in text referencing at minimum.
-Expressing your voice by using appropriate reporting verbs( verbs related to search,discourse,and evaluation),
– using appropriate”Tense” in reporting verbs.
Kayi-Aydar, H. 2013, ‘Scaffolding language learning in an academic ESL classroom’, ELT Journal Advance Access, published April 4, 2013, doi:10.1093/cit/cct016

1) Analyse the generic structure of this paper, identifying the various generic stages and features of the text.This section should constitute no more than 200 words.

2) Summarise the main points of the text – from beginning to end – paraphrasing appropriately, and citing relevant sources wherever they might be needed. This ‘summary section’ should be achieved in fewer than 450 words.

3) Critically evaluate the ideas you encounter within this paper. Compare and contrast these ideaswith other ideas, concepts or principles with which you are familiar in the fields of Linguistics or Education. In this section, you should strive to synthesise key ideas of the article with knowledge gained from other sources. You should draw relationships here that link to a) readings you have covered/are covering in other subjects, b) readings you may undertake as a result of your interest in this article, through, for example, conducting literature searches at the UTS library and c) the knowledge you have gained as a learner of English yourself, and as a professional teacher within the TESOL field. This section, in which your role is toreflect upon pertinent ideas within the article, should constitute some 850 words of your assignment.

4) Submit your assignment through the Turnitin facility to be established within UTSOnline. You will need to submit your assignment via computer, that is, in the form of ‘a soft copy’, on or before Saturday, October26. There is no need to come to the University to submit your paper as the submission process can be done completely online. The Turnitin facility will expect you to submit your ‘softcopy’ prior to the stroke of midnight, at the end of the day, Saturday October 26. (An extension of up to one week is possible for those making a formal request in writing prior to the due date.)

General notes:
a) If you need to quote directly from the text, limit yourself to a total of 50 words of direct quotation.
b)Be sure to cite at least six (6) different sources in your paper. Be sure to demonstrate your capacity to use a variety of citation techniques: author-prominent, information-prominent, secondary citations, and so on.

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