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Write Prediction

Question 1 (1 page)

List 5 predictions

Select 5 of the 8-hypothesis listed in the voice thread lecture. For each hypothesis, write prediction. Your paper should list each hypothesis followed by our prediction. Remember that science requires that hypotheses and prediction are testable and that they can be disapprove if they are untrue (Falsifiable).

2. Description of an experiment

Choose one of your predictions and describe in some details how you could test it by conducting an experiment. Be sure to tell how you would design your experiment in order to prevent biased result. Tell what data you would collect and describe how you would know if your predictions is true or not. Type your paper as a word document.

1Garlic prevents colds

2.Sugar causes cavities.

3.Exercise decreases the chance of heart attacks

4.Vitamin improves vision

5.High blood pressure is more common in men than women.

6.People who drive red cars are more likely to speed than people who drive my car.

7. People who have pets live longer than people who don’t have pets.

8.People who sing in the shower are taller than people don’t sing in the shower

Question 2Discuss Systematic racism in the media ( 300 words)

Question 3 Discuss Systematic discrimination (300 words)