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Write an essay about books breton andre soluble fish

Write short essays about these books (including how the author think about surrealism, what the book mainly talk about, what’s your opinion about the book, the part you like, how the book contribute to the surrealism and so forth) for the short films, just writing something about your feeling about is and the relation between these films and surrealism.

1. Freud, Sigmund. The Interpretation of Dreams, Chapters 1 & 2, posted on Bb.(need 1000words)
2. Breton, André. Soluble Fish, 1924.(1000words)
3. Three short films: (400 for each)

La Coquille et le clergyman, Germaine Dulac, screenplay by Antonin Artaud, 1928.
Le Retour à la Raison, Man Ray, 1923.
L’Étoile de mer, Man Ray, 1928.

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