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Write a research paper on the memory of the good war

Write a research paper on The Memory of the Good War:

The paper will be5 pagesand follow this format:

• A 5 page paper comparing a post-war depiction of World War II (use the movie Empire of the Sun) with the discussion of the memory of the Good War, “History and Memory: The Legacy of World War II”.

• There are 6 essays in the reading; it isn’t a requirement that you use all 6 essays in your paper but how well you use them. It depends on what topic you pick, but the Michael Adams essay is key. However it is necessary you read them to write a well deserving A paper.

• Avoid using “I” in your paper

• No cover page. No footnotes

• No outside sources. Use only the reading and movie

• If you directly quote from the readings make sure you provide in text citations

• 12 font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 1inch margins.

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