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World Water (Surface Water and Our Oceans)

Please provide a brief summary of the following questions.

-How does precipitation affect the topology of the earth?
-What natural disasters are caused by the water cycle?
-Is water from a river or from a well more likely to be clean to drink?
-Why is the overuse of groundwater a big concern?
-What policies might people put in place to conserve water levels in lakes and aquifers?
-Describe how surface rivers and streams produce erosion.
-Describe the types of deposits left behind by rivers and streams.
-Define groundwater.
-Explain the location, use, and importance of aquifers.
-Define springs.
-Describe how wells work and why they are important.
-Describe how the oceans formed.
-Explain the significance of the oceans.
-Describe the composition of ocean water.
-Define the parts of the water column and oceanic divisions.