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Women’s Studies and Feminism

FIRST, explain in your own words how Women’s Studies and Feminism are related. How do they differ?
THEN, discuss what you believe are the most important achievements of feminism, and which goals you think feminism should focus on today.
Refer to at least three learning resources assigned for this week in your response (these may include last week’s course module reading “What Is Women’s Studies?”) and provide specific examples from the reading, the news, or your own life. Some questions to consider:
How has feminism changed the way we interact with one another?
How has feminism changed our understanding of gender roles?
What are the most positive changes to arise from feminist activism in our society?
How does everyone, not only women, benefit from these achievements?
Where has feminism fallen short?
Have all women been able to enjoy the successes of the women’s movement equally?
bell hooks presents a number of criticisms of mainstream feminism. Her article was written in the mid-90s. Which of her ideas do you agree with? Has the feminist movement addressed any of her concerns?
Where do you believe the feminist movement should focus next?