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women’s sportswe

women’s sportswe
Step 1Read the following Clovine scenario.
Read the following scenario.

You enjoy your duties as manager of the women’s sportswear department at Clovine’s-a growing chain of moderate to upscale department stores in south Florida. You especially enjoy being able to recommend someone for a promotion. Today, you received an email message from Rachel Cohen, head buyer for women’s apparel. She is looking for a smart, aggressive employee to become assistant buyer for the women’s sportswear division. Clovine’s likes to promote from within, and Rachel is asking all managers and supervisors for likely candidates. You have just the person she’s looking for.
Jennifer Ramirez is a salesclerk in the designer sportswear boutique of your main store in Miami, and she has caught your attention. She’s quick, friendly, and good at sizing up a customer’s preferences. Moreover, at recent department meetings, she has shared some insightful observations about fashion trends in south Florida.

Step 2Write an email reply to Rachel Cohen, head buyer.
Use a word processor to write an email reply to Rachel Cohen, head buyer, women’s sportswear, recommending Jennifer Ramirez and evaluating her qualifications for the promotion. Rachel can check with the human resources department about Jennifer’s education and employment history; you’re mainly interested in conveying your positive impression of Jennifer’s potential for advancement. Attention should be given to message appropriateness, correct format, and professionalism. Also refer to and apply the 3-step writing process discussed in the lesson.
Step 3 Save and submit your assignment.
When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself and paste it using the blue “Submit Assignment” button in the upper right hand corner.

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