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Why Do People Commit Crime?


Why do people commit crime?
 Should include at least 2 tenants on when crime happens
 Should also include direction with Crime as the dependent variable
 Should also include information on when the independent variable does not lead to crime
 Should consider if the theory is testable

Why Do People Commit Crime?

The reasons which lead people to commit crimes are different in any separately studied case, but it is possible to identify the universal tenets of why people commit crimes. The research of the issue may result in determining the principles of the law offense and the variables which affect the number of crimes. This essay aims at studying the number of crimes as a dependent variable and distinguishing which independent variables do not lead to crime and, thus, do not affect the overall quantity of law offense.
Taking into account the fact that people commit crimes when an opportunity is present, it is necessary to distinguish the variety of possible opportunities and causes. The independent variables studied in the process of determining the reasons for people to commit crimes may be diverse. Among them may be such factors as the level of income, living conditions, the cultural background, and personal qualities. All of the above increase the possibility of the law offense. However, considering the principle that the decrease in the number of opportunities will result in the overall reduction in the number of crimes, it is evident that the factors listed above may be affected. In addition, there are independent variables which do not necessarily result in crime. Among them, it is possible to identify the weather or the governmental party. As they do not alter the consequence of the number of crimes, they should be seen as the independent variables.
To conclude, even though people commit crimes due to various reasons, the universal principles of law offense are probable to identify. Though crime is to be studied as the dependent variable, there are some independent variables which do not necessarily lead to the law offense. Lastly, the reasons leading to people committing crimes are to be explicitly studied for the separate cases.

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