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Why DineEquity’s CEO Julia A. Stewart Manages Like a Teacher

M3 Case Study: Why DineEquity’s CEO Julia A. Stewart Manages Like a Teacher
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After you have read pages 262 and 263 of the text, please answer the following questions:

What elements of the performance management cycle in Figure 9-1 (p. 239) are evident in Stewart’s comments?

Is Julia Stewart a good role model for how to generate employee engagement and motivate the employees in her company’s restaurants? Please explain.

In terms of Thomas’s four building blocks in Figure 9-3 (p. 252), how would you rate Stewart’s “teaching” style of management for generating intrinsic motivation in her employees? Please explain.

What role does positive reinforcement play in this case? Do you think Stewart uses it effectively? Please explain.

Would you like to work as a restaurant manager for DineEquity under Stewart’s leadership? Why or why not? – NOTE, I am NOT asking you if you want to work in the restaurant industry. I am asking you if you would work for Stewart given what you learned about her leadership in this case.

I have highlighted/bolded specific concepts and theories in each of the first four questions that must be addressed.

You are also required to do the following for this assignment:

A. For EACH question, you will define the bolded concepts/theories in each of these first four questions in your responses

B. You will apply an organization of your choice, or a hypothetical one, that will help show your own understanding of ONE of the bolded theories/concepts in a question of your choice.

C. Please note these questions should be the foundation for some additional research. The additional research should be based on one bolded concept or theory from any of the first four questions.

NOTE: You must cite information from the readings to support your responses, using the APA citation format, or this will result in a reduction in points.

This includes proper in-text citations and a proper references list.

In each assignment you will compose, each question will have corresponding concepts and theories from the readings that apply.