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What make our conversation crucial

1. What make our conversation crucial that affect our lives daily?
2. Define Crucial Conversation?
3. The Topic “When It Matters Most, We Do Our Worst”, discusses when conversations matter the most – that is? Why is That, with four explanations?
4. In Some Common Crucial Conversations, what other topics can easily lead us to disasters?
5. When Improving Your Personal Health, what two (2) keys to healthier and longer life?
6. The Startling Discovery of Kevin and Chris, the CEO, how did they both handle their decision making? What were their body languages, especially during pushback and disagreements?
7. Define and Explain Dialogue?
8. Are Dialogue skills learnable? Is so, explain.
9. What is the 1st principle of dialogue when staying focused on what you really want?
10. The topic “Work on me first, Us second”, discuss the 1st Step to achieving the results. What should be fix 1st?
11. Refocus your brain, pg. 42, explain briefly?
12. The best at dialogue refuse Fool’s Choices by setting p new choices. What are those 3 choices?
13. What conditions should we watch for, under the topic, “Watch Ford Conditions”?
14. Read the instructions of the Stress Test on pg. 63, then complete stress test pg. 64-67, review your results from pg. 67-69. What are your results, of risky conversations?
15. Chapter 5, characterize Yvonne and Jotham. What is your view of crucial conversation from pg. 73 – 76?
16. Crucial Conversations often go awry, when?
17. What are signs we should watch for when Mutual Purpose is at risk?
18. Can we remain in dialogue with Mutual Respect? Explain.
19. Can we respect people who you don’t respect? Explain briefly.
20. Sometimes others feel disrespected during crucial conversations even though you haven’t done anything disrespectful. Read topic “Contrast to Fix Misunderstanding”. Explain briefly.
21. When Creating a Mutual Purpose there are four (4) mutual purposes we must do. List and explain each.
22. The topic “But I Could Never Do That”, speaks about most complicated problems. What should we and should not we aim for?