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What is Economics

  1. Description of Weekly Concept in your own words (3-5 sentences):

Economics covers a variety of topics including the study of scarcity, it’s a study of f how individuals use assets and react to motivators, or the investigation of basic leadership. It frequently includes topics like wealth and finance, yet it’s not all about money. Economics is a wide order that causes us to comprehend chronicled patterns, translate the present features, and make forecasts about the coming years. I believe that economics is a major factor in everyone’s life Finding out about monetary ideas can assist you with understanding the news, settle on money related choices, shape open approach, and see the world in another manner.

  • Do you think this concept matters? (2-3 sentences):

Yes, I do think that economics matters it’s important because it affects everyone’s life and it’s a part of this world that we need to understand in order to make the right decisions. Therefore, being a business major makes reading about economics is important since it’s an essential part of understanding the new, learning about financial decisions, and understand the world in a new approach.

Title of News Article: ____________________________

Source: _________________________________________

Date of Article (should be no more than two weeks old): ____________

  • How does this article relate to the weekly concept? (5-7 sentences):
  • Why do you think this article is important? What is its significance locally, nationally, or globally? (5-7 sentences):
  • Should others read this article? Why or why not? (2-3 sentences):

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