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What Does Your Change-Ready Organization Look Like

As a leader in your organization, you have the opportunity to make a presentation to the Board of Directors to explain what it would take to create an ‘agile’ organization; an organization that can readily adopt changes.

Choose a specific organization, ideally your employer, but at least one you are familiar with.

Describe the purpose of your organization on an introductory slide.

Develop a 15- slide visual presentation (not counting the title or reference page in that count) that identifies specifically what the organization would look like if it were more agile, and its current strengths and weaknesses with regard to change.

Incorporate internal and external factors, as well as specific examples of the structure required.

Use speaker notes to expound on your discussion just as you would in a real presentation.

Use a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources. Include informal citations (web links) for any graphics used.

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