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What determines voter turnout in local elections?

What determines voter turnout in local elections?

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Part II: Literature Review Essay

Most academic research papers begin with a literature review that provides an overview of leading perspectives on the topic at hand. If there is disagreement in the academic literature on a topic, the review compares and contrasts to reveal these disagreements. The objective of this part of the assignment is to build on your annotated bibliography to produce a literature review essay — a standalone review of the literature.

The task: You will write an essay that compares and contrasts the four articles in terms of the four aspects summarized in Part I. The essay should identify what the different authors agree and disagree on, and evaluate the quality of their arguments and methods. Which argument is most persuasive? Does the author’s evidence fully support his or her argument?

At the top of the first page, please put a descriptive title that indicates which topic you chose and what side of the question you agree with.

Write in proper essay form with an introduction and conclusion. Include a bibliography of your four articles. There is no need to do additional research or to cite other sources.

Format: Double-spaced on letter-sized paper with one-inch margins. Please use 12-point Times, Cambria, or equivalent font. No cover sheet is necessary. Put your name, student number, and U of T e-mail address at the top of the first page.

Your essay should be no longer than 6 pages. The bibliography does not count toward the page limit.

Citation style: Please use author-date in-text citation of page numbers for all ideas and direct quotations. (Check out this useful guide on citation styles:

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