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What are the Principles of Nursing Practice (RCN 2010)

 Discuss TWO of the Principles of Nursing Practice (RCN 2010) relating it to your practice experience

 Written assignment is 2,500 words (equivalent to 50%) to
meet Learning Outcomes 1 & 2)

 Discuss the professional, legal and ethical frameworks that guide nursing practice in relation to your chosen Principle.

 In order to meet this LO, you will need to have read and understood the NMC Code (2015)

Essay must be written in standard essay format without headings

Start with an introduction (approx. 250 words) where you set the scene by stating how you will meet the LOs

 For example:
This essay will discuss two of the Principles of Nursing Practice relating it to the practice experience. It will focus on Principle… and Principle……

 Clearly state that you have obtained patient consent & maintained their confidentiality re their name & Trust details > refer to:
 Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC 2015). Code of Professional Conduct

 Write a paragraph that discusses the Principles overall and their importance to the deliver of safe and effective person-centred care (approx. 250words)

 You do not need to describe each one

 Conclude with a paragraph that summarise you discussion (approx 250 words)
 Do not include any new information here, but instead draw together the main discussion points and key phrases and summarise them