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What Adam Smith Knew

Over the first chapter of the What Adam Smith Knew Book by James Otteson

For the critique, you can summarize the entire chapter or you can focus on one or two key points. The critique will have three (3) clearly labeled sections:

Summary of the chapter or the points within the chapter you are focusing on

Your critique of the chapter or points you are focusing on – in this section you are giving what you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s argument. Try to be as objective as possible in this section. When possible, use other references or theories to help illustrate your point. While your personal opinion is important, it shouldn’t be the only way to judge the validity of another’s argument.

Personal Reflection – Discuss how the chapter has helped you develop or understand your personal philosophy towards economics and business. You can answer questions such as: did you find something in the reading very powerful that made you change your mind? Did you find something in the reading that helped you develop an idea/philosophy you already held but didn’t know how to express it? Did something in the reading help you understand how to tie two (or more) personal beliefs together