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What about this politician needs the most improvement?

Choose a state politician who currently represents you, such as a state senator, a state representative, a mayor, a sheriff, etc. and research him or her. If there is an upcoming election, you may also research a state-level candidate who might represent you. No matter what, you may not research the current Governor or someone from the US House of Representatives or the US Senate. Essays about politicians whom this essay assignment bans will be penalized twenty points. Consider these questions as you research: did he or she make any campaign promises? Has he or she fulfilled those promises? Did he or she propose, write, sponsor, or co-sponsor any bills or amendments? Was he or she a key vote on a bill or amendment? Did he or she give any speeches or make any statements? You are not required to answer these specific questions in your essay; instead, they are food for thought. In an essay that ends at least on the fourth page (excluding the works cited page and the Essay 3 Form), answer this question: what about this politician needs the most improvement