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WellSpa is located in the tourist hub and commercial district near the base of Charleston’s historic Ravenel Bridge – 235 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401.


Introduction of project to reader (½ page to 1-page each highlighted topic). Includes:

Cover Page:

Who wrote the plan
How they can be contacted
To whom is it being presented (Banker? Investor?)
Business name and
Business address (Must be a real commercial location that is currently available for lease) , or
Research local commercial properties for lease on one of many sites like this:

The date the plan is submitted
Table of Contents:

Use all Section headings and subheadings in this outline. Page numbers can be added as your project is developed for the final copy.

Executive Summary:

Specific address where you are located- must be a business that is available to be leased or purchased.

Overview of the entire business plan, including basics of the idea, style, name, location, and projected revenue of the business. It will introduce you, your business and your product that you plan to offer to the reader.