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Weitzen Paper Company

Weitzen Paper Company (Project materials under Content)

Each student needs to upload one report – two files: one word document file with the supporting optimization, one Excel file, into this Dropbox. Please make sure that you write down your name on the title page.

The report should include executive summary, introduction, model/methodology, and recommendations/conclusions.

In your executive summary, you summarize your whole report in one page.

Introduction briefly explains the company’s background and its problem.

Methodology in this case is your Excel optimization. Just like many exercise we have done, please formulate the problem, include decision variables, type formulas for constraints, and optimize your solution using solver. When face a new scenario, please use a new sheet in Excel. You may use other tools in Excel for forecasting.

Based on your Excel results, you may answer these questions on page 4 by making appropriate recommendations and conclusions.

Type your report with a double-space format and use the APA style. You may check following websites for further details about APA style

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