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Week 4 discussions

Week 4 discussions
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Please make sure you use the provided resources and this is written at a Master Level.

Part 1:

In chapter three of your textbook and in one of your weekly videos, Howard Gardner talks about Multiple Intelligences (MI). Find one other source about Multiple Intelligences and summarize the information. Take the Learning Style quiz and share your results with the class. You can list them or take a screen shot and post it on the discussion board. Where you surprised by the results? Have you taken a quiz similar to this one? When, and were the results the same? How can you use this information in your own life? How should learning styles be used in academic settings?
You must use the following resources for Part 1:

Required Textbook:

Suarez-Orozco, M. & Satting-Bajaj, C. (2010). Educating the Whole Child for the Whole World: The Ross School Model and Education for the Global Era. NY: NYU Press
ISBN-10: 0814741401
ISBN-13: 978-0814741405


Our failing schools. Enough is enough!:
The World School:
About Avenues:
Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligences:

Watch Video
Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences
Duration: (7:55)
User: edutopia – Added: 7/9/10
YouTube URL:

Learning Style Quiz:

Learning Style Test:

Discussion Part 2:

1. What two items did you find most interesting or useful from your “Readings, Viewings and Preparation” for this week? Briefly explain why. (minimum 250 words).

Item 1:
THINK Global School:

Item 2:
You may choose an interesting item from one of the above video clips

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