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Weakness of SWOT analysis

Identify principles weakness of SWOT analysis explain how the TOWS (threats, opportunities, weaknesses, strengths) matrix overcomes the weakness of SWOT.
Describe the four strategic postures associated with strategic position and action evaluation (SPACE).
Describe the Q-sort procedure.
Any strategic choice made by leaders needs to be consistent with other components of the strategic management process. What factors need to be linked when formulating strategy?
Summarize the evaluation of adaptive strategy alternatives.
What is an External/Internal Strategy Matrix and how is it used in arriving at strategic choices?
How can the product life cycle analysis be helpful to the decision maker when thinking about what might be the best market entry/exit strategy?
Why is it important for not-for-profit and public-sector organizations to set program priorities and re-evaluate these priorities on a regular basis?
Under what types of external conditions are the various strategic postures likely to be most successful?
How are market entry/exit strategies related to the adaptive strategies of expansion of scope and maintenance of scope through enhancement?
What is the linkage between directional, adaptive, market entry/exit, competitive and implementation strategies.
What are the alternative strategies available to an organization included in the class of strategies known as adaptive strategies – expand, reduce, or maintain scope?
What are the differences between the market entry strategies of acquisition, merger, and internal development?
Why is it unlikely that a single strategy will be sufficient for an organization?
Why are both the analytical and emergent approaches important to the development of strategic alternatives?
Since related and unrelated diversification are considered risky strategies, why do health care organizations engage in such strategies?
Vertical integration has been a particularly popular strategy in health care. Why has it been popular in this industry?
What is venture capital investment and what is accomplished with this strategy?
How are alliances in health care sometimes thought of in a way that is different from strategic alliances based on an expansion/cooperation strategy?
What is the relationship between competitive strategies and strategic posturing decisions?
Describe what a brand represents for an organization and why branding is important to service organizations.
What are some examples of follow-up activities?
What is meant by market segmentation in health care?
How is personal selling used in health care organizations?
What is contingency planning and why is it particularly important in dynamic, rapidly changing organizational environments?