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W5 Written Assignment: Building your network

Paper details:
Answer the following question and submit paper to the instructor below:
In building your network, sometimes you are the connector, and sometimes you are the one being connected.
Together with the assigned classmates listed on the Announcement Board: send an email Introducing a hypothetical acquaintance (me, your professor) to
the classmate (your partner) about why you think they should connect. You can choose to introduce your partner from the course wall, or me (the professor)
to one another. It does not matter who you choose to introduce to whom. You are simply just using the instructor and your partner as the two persons and
can use real info or made up information. Here are some hypotheticals: are both interested in starting a work group, both live in the same neighborhood and
could carpool together, or have same research interests, interested in the same volunteering group outside of work, etc.). Neither of these two colleagues of
yours know each other so you will be introducing both to each other and connecting the why within the email. Copy the instructor on the email and your
partner (as they are your two hypothetical colleagues you are introducing). Be sure to take into consideration the learned suggestions of email
correspondence in the readings.
Following sending the email you will then submit a two page paper on the importance of electronic communications listing 2 do’s and 2 don’ts per your
readings and how they can affect the message of the email.
Did you use any of these do’s and don’ts in your email connecting your partner and the professor?