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Vincent Van Gogh

You have to do research on an artist (I chose Marcel Duchamp) and discuss at least two art works by the artist
in your interview. In the interview, the Q&A can be about artist biography, period or movement and its
characteristics, specific formal innovation, theme, style, technique, concepts and criticism etc. Please attach
bibliography and footnotes. You should use your judgment and research to do your own paper.
You do not have to do a long introduction as the sample paper. You can just have a short outline to introduce
your project. For example:
Artists name: Vincent Van Gogh (born 1853: died 1890)
Date and place of interview: (You can construct your own scenario)
The 3-page Virtual interview must follow the Q&A format, with you asking questions and the artist being the
one to answer and should avoid unnecessary or unimportant questions (such as “When were you born?” Or
even illogical questions such as “When did you die?” ) and focus on the discussion of concept of style, two art
works, historical context, influences and criticism etc. (Biography should be limited to half of a page)
Paraphrase instead of direct plagiarism of your research material.
Please attach images of the art works in discussion and research material. (Find authentic research resources
such as Library search, museum website, art journals, New York Times, Artstor etc. It would be good to have
bibliography and footnotes.)