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Video pitch evaluation

Review each of the three social venture video pitches and complete the Google Form Analyses for each
of the three pitches.
Branch Out Video Pitch:
Branch Out Video Pitch Analysis:
Plus Me Video Pitch:
Plus Me Video Pitch Analysis:
Joelex Video Pitch:
Joelex Video Pitch Analysis:
THEN upload a separate Word Document that justifies your scores for each of the pitches. Each score should
have its own separate justification. There are nine criteria for each evaluation and so there should be nine
justifications for that criterion for each of the three videos.
For example (feel free to copy and paste into your Word File):
To what extent does the team demonstrate a rich understanding of the problem(s), and is it informed by direct
engagement with beneficiaries, customers, and others?
Justification for your score:
To what extent does the team’s proposed solution appear to solve the problem and deliver superior value in
comparison to existing alternatives?
Justification for your score:
To what extent are other business/social impact model components, especially the beneficiary engagement
and selling process, specified, validated and financially viable?
Justification for your score:
To what extent does the team possess the skills and resources needed to execute their concept or appear
likely to succeed in securing necessary talent and resources?
Justification for your score:
How many people and communities are affected by the problem(s) and how severe are the adverse impacts?
Justification for your score:
How many people and communities may ultimately be served by the social venture and how much will they
Justification for your score:
Does the venture deliver unique, meaningful benefits – both immediate and longer-term – to people and
communities in a way that cannot be easily copied?
Justification for your score:
To what extent is the solution scalable and cost-effective?