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Video a Med Star Story

Discussion questions250 words each. Pleaase be detailed and implementt critical thinking.Â


Learning Activity 1- Theme 1

Watch the Video a Med Star Story and complete the following:

Identify three to five major concepts of systems thinking and then explain how they were applied in the Med Star Story.
Systems Thinking is an invention of Peter Senge. Using the class readings compare how this approach worked better for Med Star than Fayol’s Functions did?
A Med Star Story

Video link :Â


Learning Activity 2- Theme 2

When we started the class we learned that the 21st century manager must be agile to survive the fluid and dynamic business environment of this century. However, we established that the foundation of management theory in most organizations today is the traditional Fayol functions. Reflect on the classwork and then address your comments to the articles from this week on agile managers to debate this question: “Agile management is not the answer to creating a facile and competitive business organization.”

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