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Victimization Theory

Victimization Theory

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Compare, contrast, and critique the routine activities theory.

Write paper taking the position that some crime victims are responsible for their victimization. What theories or examples would you provide to support this position.

Identify and explain the five victim categories offered by Sellin and Wolfgang

Do a content analysis of victimization in the media. That is , watch a film or television show about crime and violence, and list the extent and type of victimizations depicted. How often are women victimized? Children? are any of the victimization theories presented in the film or television program?

Do you agree that technology is becoming a medium of victimization? How?

Which victimization theories would apply in the Holloway case. Can you find other examples when someone has disappeared and was never found? Discuss the events of the case.

Explain the culture of victimization. Do feel that victimization in some instances is misrepresented or overstated? Why?

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