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Variable as a predictor

You used the summary command both on the data as a whole, then on the price column. What am I to make of that? That you did not realize that price was already done in the first summary? That you never bothered to review your work so you didn’t notice the redundancy?

Your histogram of price is not too informative because you (a) didn’t break the bins up very much and (b) you left the x-axis labels to display in scientific notation. You also misspelled histogram in the title. That doesn’t look very professional.

Instead of trying different visualizations that might be appropriate to different columns, you merely repeated the same histogram command, even keeping the same misspelling in the title (!) for three other variables. This is not very informative.

Finally, you performed a linear regression which is explicitly not part of this assignment. Furthermore, you chose a ridiculous variable as a predictor, the size of basement! That makes little sense and it is unsurprising that you attained an R-squared of 0.1.