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Vanport Flood

First of all, In the year 1948, there occurred an intensive flood that washed away the Vanport, Oregon. Before the world war II vanport was the second largest city that was home for more than forty thousand people. After the war, there were low developments and decrease in population since resources were destroyed and people migrated. The city was built next to Columbia River and built dikes to prevent overflowing.

 The city engineers had inspected the dikes and affirmed their worth. However, the dikes gave way to lots of water leading to flooding in the city. Residents blamed the Housing Authority together with the Army Corps of Engineers for their losses. There were some rumors that were spreading that the council had hidden some corpse of the flood victims so as to prevent scaring away visitors who were few days to come to the festival. These losses together with all other forms of discriminations by the city council led to violent protesting at the Rose Festival.

The flooding started in 1948 when the Columbia River made a way into the city causing a flood which led to a death of 18,000 people. Prior to the floods, Kaiser had developed shipyards which provided more ships for transportation during the war. Kaiser built more public housing to provide accommodation to the workers. In the city there was a well-known reputation for discrimination against African Americans; there were limits unto where they can work. After the flood, campaigns were set to pressurize Portland’s economic, political and cultural organizations to fight against housing and employment racism.

The article is about the racist Portland which is known as the whitest city in America. Daimler one of the advocates says that there are very many people complaining of being treated badly because of their race. The residents of the area confirm the existence of racism in the city as very many people are discriminated on color. For instance, the state entered into a union in 1859 that prohibited the black people from living in the borders. This kind of racism exists even today. In schools, Africa American students are expelled at a higher rate compared to the white students. Others say that Portland has been practicing neoliberal racism. There have been different individuals and organizations who travel around the city preaching about black history. In Oregon, black families live poor lives, have low paying employment and learners attend law schools.

In conclusion, Oregon has been a very inhospitable place for black people. In 1844, a law was passed by the provisional government of the territory prohibiting slavery which meant that the black people would leave the territory. In 1857, another law was passed that banned black people from entering into Oregon or owning any property. However, the law was overshadowed by the national laws which gave rights to the black people like a right to vote.

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