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Valentino Brand

Valentino Brand
Assignment details

Assuming the role of a business consultant you are to produce a 3,000 word, Harvard referenced report analysing the importance of a strong brand identity and a clear understanding of the primary target customer in driving the profitability of a business in the International Omni channel environment.

The luxury brand you are to focus on is of your choice, but needs to be to be a luxury fashion brand. The category you are to analyse is womenswear.

Focusing on the 7 Ps (Price, Product, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence) you are to analyse the range across the omnichannel landscape, critically analysing how these elements have contributed to the brand’s performance.

Key areas of focus are: –
• Brand Overview: The key to a successful, profitable business is to have a powerful brand image. Research your chosen brand’s history, ethos and future direction, evaluating the strength of the brand. Present your findings in a SWOT, supported with detailed research (to be included in the appendix).
• Customer Profile: Conduct primary research and review secondary material to identify the brand’s target consumer. Create a detailed customer pen portrait (to be included in the appendix) and support this with primary and secondary research collected.
• Visual Strategies on and offline: Critically analyse the retail environment at every touch point the brand has with its customer in the Omni Channel landscape. Use visuals were appropriate to support your findings (note – visuals can be used throughout the main body of your work).
• Trend Exploration: Through deep analysis of primary and secondary material identify the key trends featured through the A/W 2015/16 collection produced by your brand (use visuals where appropriate), critically analyse its suitability in the marketplace now the season is nearing its conclusion.
• Range overview Compare and contrast the product range in its various routes to market (such as flagship, online, concession, pop up, outlet, collaborations and wholesale), use visuals to support your findings. Investigate reasons for the different /similar retail environments and product mix in specific channels to reach the customer. Evaluate the impact of your findings on the brand’s profitability and brand identity.
• Financial Overview: Summarize the last three years performance of your chosen brand and evaluate through your research the overall financial situation of the brand.
• Recommendations: Offer an insightful conclusion analysing how your brand could innovate and operate more effectively in the luxury fashion market.
In writing the report, please follow the below recommended report structure: –

Title page (not included in the word count): state name, course, unit, report title,
number of words, date submitted, unit leader.

Executive Summary (not included in the word count): a brief review of the project, its
context, research outcome (maximum 500 words)

Table of contents with page numbers (not included in the word count)

List of figures with page numbers (not included in the word count)

Section A: Introduction
Part A(i)
• A brief introduction to the project.
• Project aim and objectives: Clearly state the project research aim and objectives
• Research design: the secondary and primary research strategies and methods used
Part A(ii)
• An introduction to the brand, include the SWOT.
• Identification of the primary target consumer, include the pen portrait.
Section B: Body

Section C: Research conclusions
• A review of research conclusions and their application to your aims and objectives.
Section D: Recommendations & final conclusion

UAL Harvard referencing style bibliography (not included in the word count)

Appendices (not included in the word count)

• I will be sharing with you the research done by me, in different stores of Valentino in London, and the survey’s taken from valentine customers as well as store assistance and manager.
• The report should include visuals of products, brand identity prisms and other pictures wherever necessary
• And there are few topics that we have to include in the structure that I can share with you soon.


Conduct a corporate governance survey on Cameron International Corporation, and write a corporate governance assessment paper and provide recommendations.
Conduct a corporate governance survey in the excel file and write a research paper on that. Please see the additional file for survey and instruction and the survey toolkit. Please also finish and provide the excel file
The instructor will distribute a corporate governance rating survey instrument (CG Rating Survey) to all students at the beginning of the session. The survey instrument was prepared by the instructor for the purpose of corporate governance rating of listed companies and it is currently in use in a number of locations.
Each student will be assigned (by the instructor) one publicly traded company (preferably an S&P 500 firm)at the beginning of the session. This is the company the student will analyze and assess the corporate governance compliance and identify any weaknesses.
You will conduct research on recent corporate governance related articles about the S&P 500 companyyou have been assigned.
These sources may include the corporate web site, the US SEC EDGAR web site, the NYSE, or the Wall Street Journal or other business periodicals (FT, Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, etc.).
Guidance for how to accomplish this project:
• The final project will be submitted via Blackboard by each individual student.
The goal of this assignment is to conduct a corporate governance scoring survey. You will provide corporate governance assessment of a listed company based on the results of the survey prepared on the basis of the OECD principles of corporate governance.
The learning objective of this exercise is to understand how the CG Principles are operationalized.
Students will write a corporate governance assessment paper and provide recommendations. Papers will be individual.
This paper is worth 20 points towards the final grade.
Details of the deliverable (The Report) follows:

The Report: (20 points) Thecorporate governance scoring, rating and assessment paper may be structured as the following:
a. Executive Summary/Introduction: (1-2 pages) Using the data you have collected from the company website and other publicly available information, prepare the executive summary that should clearly state the objectives, background and the main findings of your corporate governance assessment paper on the selected company.(2 points)
b. Company Background (Maximum 1 page): Prepare a brief, one page maximum review of the company background, important issues reported in its US SEC filings, and other information you have collected. You may provide the following information in an attached exhibit, with proper references provided(3 points)
i. The company organization, its values, vision, mission, products (keep it very short);
ii. Corporate financial information, revenues, capitalization, stock price, ROE, ROI, PE ratio, Book/Market ratio, its management team and corporate governance practices. Using a table in the appendix, discuss some of the highlights. (prepare a short table of information and attach it to the end in an appendix);
iii. Do not simply copy and paste from company web site. Summarize the information.
iv. Make sure you provide references properly. Provide the list of references at the end of the report.
c. The CG Survey Results: (2-3 pages) Using the 100-question CG survey instrument you will be provided by the instructor, determine your survey findings and calculate the CG score. Using the guidance in the provided survey instrument, rank this company (from 1-5) based on your survey score. A suggested structure is (7 points):
i. Using the CG Scoring Survey tool you are provided, process the 100 questions and summarize the findings of the scoring survey. You may provide charts as exhibits at the end to provide this information.
ii. Explain why some of the survey questions may or may not be applicable, if there are any.
iii. Next, discuss your CG Scoring findings. Provide the table from the survey Excel spread sheet results. (DO NOT INCLUDE THE COMPLETED EXCEL SPREADSHEET SURVEY WITH YOUR REPORT)
iv. Next, discuss specifically the corporate governance Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT), and how some of the observations you have made relate to pertinent topics covered in the course.
Do not simply copy the data as found in the corporate web site. For any such information, paraphrase and write it in your own words. If you use any corporate web site information, or other sources, then show references.
v. Try to be concise. Avoid using the language from any web site. Please summarize in your own words.
d. Findings and conclusions: (2-3 pages) Using the findings and the results of your survey, discuss the SWOT and the available corporate governance mechanisms that are relevant to the chosen firm and the advantages and disadvantages of those mechanisms. While discussing your findings, try to bring in academic literature and/or provide practical evidence to support your argument. Expand the discussion on the theory(ies) behind the main CG issues that are identified. Your recommendations should have three to five specific points the company board could do to improve a situation you have determined in the company. The conclusions (1-2 pages) should summarize the main findings and discuss their implications for the particular firm, investors, regulators and the economy. (5 points)
e. Attachments: Include references, charts figures and/or tables to support your report. (3 points)
f. The Final Paper: Altogether your paper written in MEMO style should not exceed maximum of 6-8 pages, excluding appendices. No limit on the number of appendices you provide.

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