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use this linke it's a book for this class please be quick cause it's has due dat

use this linke it’s a book for this class please be quick cause it’s has due dat

it’s American experience class

In your opinion, did Columbus have a profound or mild impact on the American Dream? Please support your opinion with facts discussed in our lecture and readings.

If you feel he did not have an impact at all please also support.

Whcih of the 4 questions we seek to answer this semester was most impacted by the interactions between the Native Americans and the first colonists?

Do you feel like any of the tenets of the American Dream may have been profoundly impacted by this interaction?

Whcih of the four tenets of the American Dream do you personally agree with the most, and which one do you disagree with the most and why? Do you feel like Americans share your opinion in this agreement and disagreement? Provide examples as to why you think they agree or disagree with your sentiments of the particular tenats you most agree with or disagree with.

WHen it comes to the Civil War, what do most Americans perceive as the reason for the military engagement? What other reasons were there? More specifically economic reasons. And how did those economic reasons impact the American Dream if at all?

During the first world war, what was the conflict between political rhetoric and economic necessity faced by Woodrow Wilson? What were the struggles facing capitalism at the time? More importantly, how was the American Dream impacted if at all by the results of World War I and the emergance of the US as a global player? Is there a specific question out of the 4 questions we seek to answer about the American Dream that was most affected in your opinion as a result?

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