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US History

Read the short primary source “Glorious News.  Lincoln and Seward Assassinated!” available at .  Focus on the transfer of presidential power and how the Tyler precedent fits in.  Is this Alabama Beacon article entirely factual?  Was William Seward in the line of succession?  Draw parallels between the two transfers of power (Harrison-Tyler and Lincoln-Johnson).  How was the political and cultural climate similar?  Different?  Why was it important to have a president in office rather than wait for the 1868 presidential election?  What did this suggest for future sudden transitions of presidential power? A well-written and well-argued essay will make specific reference to the source and use outside sources to explain how that passage reflects broader trends in US History.  In your answer, you should synthesize material you have learned in the classroom and readings.  Please remember to have a thesis.  A thesis is the argument that you will prove in your essay using evidence (specific citations from the documents).

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