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Unnatural Causes video

Part I – 30 points
View Unnatural Causes video – write a sociological response to the video. Elaborate on the themes listed below and provide arguments and evidence from the video (and optionally from the chapter on health) to support the importance of understanding the social determinants of health and to understanding that poor health stems beyond just focusing in on individuals making unhealthy choices.

Know that this essay requires making references to arguments and evidence found in the video. If you provide evidence as a supplement from the textbook, make sure to cite page numbers. 200-250 words

· Health is tied to the distribution of resources.
· The tension between agency and structure (Chapter 1)
· The relationship between control, the demand of a job, and stress
· The relationship between stress and health
· The relationship between high inequality in a society and public health
· The relationship between social class, race, and health outcomes
· How access to healthcare is not the only factor that matters in explaining health disparities based on race and class.

Part II – 20 points
Read “Breastfeed At You Own Risk” - Answer each question below. Each question can be answered within 25-100 words or so.
1. What evidence (data) is put forward by the author? In your estimation, does the evidence support the author’s arguments? How so?
2. What conclusions are drawn by the author? Does the article have any recommendations?
3. List three elements of the article that you found surprising or were previously unknown to you.
4. What makes this article sociological? You may want to refer to Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 of the textbook. Be specific.
5. Find one piece of information/text/argument in the essay (or an aspect of the article) that is reminiscent of symbolic interactionism. See Chapter 1.
6. Find one piece of information/text/argument in the essay (or an aspect of the article) that is reminiscent of conflict theory. See Chapter 1.
7. Considering the essay, what arguments, concepts, pieces of information, data, advice, etc. do you find helpful for expectant mothers
8. Would you recommend this essay to expectant mothers? Why or why not?

Part III – 15 points
1. Quickly summarize the critique of sick role theory discussed in the textbook. 75 words or so
2. Now, reconsider this critique of sick role theory in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Evaluate the three sets of normative expectations with the pandemic in mind. 100 words
3. Last, in your estimation, how many of the 3 versions of the sick role apply to someone who has contracted the coronavirus? Explain. Defend your answer. 75-100 words

PART IV – 15 points

Review the symbolic interactionist approaches to understanding illness in your textbook. (You may also want to review symbolic interactionism when first introduced in Chapter 1.) From a symbolic interactionist perspective, write a short 100-125 word analysis of the coronavirus pandemic as a ‘”lived experience.’” Model your short essay on pages 610-612. Touch upon many of the same themes.

PART V – 20 points

Write a short essay on globalization and manufactured risks. we now live in a society where we increasingly face various types of manufactured risks. Briefly explain what these risks consist of. Do you think the last decade has brought us any closer to or further away from confronting the challenges of manufactured risks? Explain. Make sure to include the current pandemic in your short essay. 150-200 words