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Unit 37/British Petroleum

Unit 37/British Petroleum

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British Petroleum is one of the world’s six super major oil and gas companies, which takes second place in hall world and produce oil and gas for many countries. It is a vertically integrated company, which operates in different areas, such as gas, oil, energy heat, light, transport fuel across hall world. Company has special methods, how to keep engines in good condition, and how to use their oil products in paints, packaging, clothes for people, plastic or chewing gum. Company is working in 80 countries and number of employees constitutes 84, 500 workers across hall world. Productivity of company is high, because they operate 3.2 million litter of oil per day.

Community: Groups of people with the same interest and aim. There are four types of community, which could be related to BP:
Global- when group of people across hall world is connected in huge community in order to make a good impact on world and to earn good reputation. When in 2010 BP’s tankers in Mexican Gulf were damaged, huge amount of oil was shed in the Gulf and it brings huge damage affection on the sea environment, such as fish, sea and water plants. Also it affects people and all animals, in this local area, because it might be a people’s and animals way of getting food, as fishing was popular in this area. These damaging’s was a bad impact on hall world, because lots of animals were painted by oil, which live in the see, such as Flamingos, Fish and lots of Birds.
Local- group of people in certain local area, which is concentrated in one exact area, such as small village or city. These group of people could be affected, if something would happened in this area, such as when BP’s tankers were damaged, group of people were affected, because see might was their suppliers of food, such as for fishers, or local restaurants could be affected as well, because they need to find new supplier of seafood, which would more expensive to them.
Regional- when group of people is located in a big region and could be affected by any damaging in this local area, which they are concentrating on. When BP’s tankers were damages, regional area was affected also, because see was a supplier for all their seafood.
National- groups of people, which is concentrated on national problems, such as problems of any country. People with different nationality, but who live in certain country are affected as well. When BP’s tankers were damaged, Mexico was affected, as a full country and it was an international problem. Thus Gulf was a resort for tourists and some companies, or hotels were affected, because nobody was coming to their resorts.
Damaging of BP’s tankers was an international, local, regional and national problem, because oiled water brings to coasts a lot of dead fish and any other animals, which were painted. Country loosed their resorts and suppliers of fish. People, which live in this local area, were affected, because they might stayed without water and food. Fishers lost their jobs and national trust can sue BP for damaging nature.

Pressure groups- the grouped of individuals which have a positive impact on the organisation such as BP and their actions could produce changes in policies of business in order to make the more ethical.
Pressure groups have an impact on the organisation such as BP in the situation, which happened few years ago, when the oil spoiled the oceanic water. Special organisation or pressure group such as Green Peace which protect the nature and environment of our planet report to the organisation about this complaints and BP has been forced to clean the water of Mexican gulf in order to safe sea life. Also Greenpeace report about this problem to the government and BP receive penalties which refers to reduce and stop at all product their oil in their business. These penalties influenced on a bad way and decrease the overall profit of the BP.

BP has also been affected by the Friends of Earth, which is also another pressure group which aim is to improve our environment. This organisation was trying to influence on the BP and report about the complaints to government about issues which have been happened in the Mexican Gulf in 2011. The friends of earth want to ban the BP organisation as they impact on the earth in a bad way, as well they want BP to pay penalties in order to spend them on those damages and cover all expenditures.

Oversees bodies – is specials organisation which could be either national or international. Their aim is to ensure that business such as BP is ethical and act in a right way against their stakeholders, environment.
Oversees bodies:
Government – help to make stable the economy in the world and operations in the organisation such as BP. Not few times ago government force BP to decrease the prices for their oil products in order to satisfy the needs of consumers.

European Unions – is one of the oversizing body for European countries and they help to make sure all of them buy receive oil for the fare price and right amount of it. This should also be recorded.

United Unions – organisation which is in the government and help orrganisations with their promotions in the international market, where business such as BP also participate in this program and the exchange from the sales of they oil they get a food

World Trade organisation – this organisation help to make sure that business such as BP act in a fare way against their customers or consumers or when they trade with other organisations. The purpose of this organisation is to check that BP follow all the laws and policies in order to make actions more ethical against consumers.
World health organisation – this organisation force business such as BP to not break the regulation which are relate to health and Safety as well as to make sure that BP doesn’t have an impact on the environment in order to not destroy the health of customers and employees in BP. BP is always thinking about their actions and how much pollution they produce in order to decrease the impact on the environment.
Some of the issues that BP’s communities facing:
Corporate social responsibility – BP Is the responsible one for their product also services that they give to their customer. But in 2010 BP by accident had a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, this lost BP 4 Million barrels worth of oil. This seriously affects the sea and killed lots of fish life. This also affected the local community because water was polluted. Because of this problem the government had to spend large amount of money to try and solve the issue.
The cultural imperialism it is practicing and the promoting of politically powerful other nations using the help of less powerful groups or societies. This is what BP had done, they are very powerful; because of this they as a organisation they are more favorable with the public more and better than smaller less powerful organisations.

Ecology is all to do with the outdoors, nature and the wild animals that live on the plant and try to sustain it. This will sum a picture up of the planet and this is what ecology is.

But for our planet to have a good ecology large organisations like BP oil need to lower the pollution they pollute on earth. But BP have to more and transport their petrol and in doing this BP will be damaging the earth with gas pollution; greenhouse effects and also the global warming.

Environment: is the nature and the wildlife all around us that we are surrounded by. BP has a very great impact on this, here is an example; spoiling the natural water with oil and petrol leaking in it this deceases sea life and increases pollution.

Fair Trade: is when the company fairness in their selling’s, where their products and services are able for comfortable prices, so for different price customers would get different quality.

Corruption- illegal process, which covers issues and unethical moments in company, which are usually related to finance. When this situation in Mexico happened, a lot of newspapers and TV shows were talking about this problem, also internet contained a lot of information, so it could bring to BP trouble, such as bad reputation and bad impact on business. BP pay huge amount of money to organisations, which contain information about this problem in order to not decrease their reputation.

Child labour- when company has employees under 16 years and they are paying to them lees money for their work. BP doesn’t have any employees under 16 years old.

Outsourcing- is when company forces another organisations in order to complete new job to get more profit, but it doesn’t relate to BP, because they have full control in their business.

Personal attitudes- personal characteristics and characters, so it describes relationships between customers. Sometimes these relationships might be negative and people could have problems between each other, so it could stop production of business.

Ethical concerns of BP in local communities

Global Communities groups of people, which have huge amount of issues from the BP company. The main issues in environment, because BP are producing their products, which affect on the nature, such as it creates pollution in the air, so company damage natural world. It damages also plants, which are suppliers of food for animals, so they are affected by this problem. Company pollute water and small lakes, so Natural Protection could damage them. In order to increase their reputation they made a corruption process after situation in Mexico, where they pollute Mexican Gulf. They pay money to businesses in order to delete all information, which could badly impact on BP.

Local and Regional communities- groups, which are affected by ethics in BP. Animals, fish and plants were mostly affected and damaged by this accidents, which was happened in Mexico. Oil pollution damaged local communities, because fishers stayed without any food from the sea, and restaurants and markets needs to find new suppliers for seafood. As ocean water arrived on the coast, local community is affected as well, because people cannot walk on the beach and nature was damaged. It is a huge problem for BP, because it is unethical for them. As they are always damaged an ecology of country, it is their another huge issue, because they damaged main part of county, in which plants are mostly growing. Water becomes not acceptable for drinking or fishing and air is dangerous.

National communities- these communities could be affected by prices for BP oil and gas, but BP has a good reputation in their sphere, so they are one of the best suppliers of gas and oil products. Company sometimes can put shocked prices, but quality of products are still the best and countries are buying them.


How British Petrol can improve their social responsibility?
Suggestion 1:
If BP would use low quality petroleum, could bring world to lots of environmental problems. Cars would burn low quality petroleum and it would produce more CO2 in the air, which would bring world to green house effect. This effect is the main reason of global warming in the world and could increase water level across hall world, so it is a negative impact on the world.
It might affect global and regional communities, such as huge amount of countries across hall world would receive low-quality petroleum, which produce CO2. This is bad impact on the world, because this petroleum is burning in lots of countries, so it would bring to the global problem, because this petroleum would cause global warming for world, so it is unethically movements of BP and main issue of the company. Community would also understand, that BP sells bad quality products, and their reputation would straightly decrease.
The best decision for this problem could be, as company needs to sell high-quality petroleum, so their wastes would not bring as much problems. Wastes would probably become smaller and bad reviews from people would decrease. Company needs to sell “95” fuel, so it might decrease problems of the world. This would show, that company cares about world situation and nature; also it would show that company is honest and would like to sell the best products to countries.

Suggestion 2:
Groups of people, which are often use BP Petroleum stations could get any gifts, or special cards, which gives possibility to them to buy something for bonuses, or buy fuel for them.
Amount of countries could be not as much, as it possible, because some countries are poor and people don’t have huge amount of money to buy BP products. That’s why there are no petroleum BP stations in Africa; people are just not able to buy their products.
To increase reputation of BP company could make some special offers in rich countries in order to collect money for charity to poor countries, such as Bangladesh, or countries in Africa, which have poor quality of life, where children don’t have any food. Also company could create an offer, such as people would send to these countries their gift cards, which they get on Petrol Station. It might give a possibility to African children to get an education and eat healthy.

Suggestion 3:
In 2010 BP made a bad impact on the world ecology, as the damaging of oil machines in the Mexican see. It brings company to huge money loosing, a lot of dead fishes and any other local and national problems.
It was affected on the global community, because water becomes dirty and unsustainable for animals, plants and fish. Company brings ocean to full death of 90 percent of fish and destroyed life of huge amount of animals. Later these products might be sold on the market and people’s health could be damaged as well, because these products contain a lot of oil. People were needed to make sure, that products on market are healthy, because it is easy way to damage body organs. This actions shows, that BP is not ethical company and their reputation decreased straightly after this situation.
I could advice to company to make sure, that their wastes are not going to see, or any natural environment. They need to put good cleaning systems in places, where wastes are going and make sure, that they are not damaging anything. It would help to them to make sure, that same situation in Mexico would never happened again and it would decrease amount of oil, which could damage animals, fish or plant in sees or oceans. People would respect their organisation and would understand, that food on the markets near see or ocean is absolutely healthy and they couldn’t bring any damage for their health’s. BP would give to people understanding, that they are honest company and they care about natural environment, so ecology of earth is increasing. It would help them to increase reputation and they would get only best reviews.

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