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Understanding the World Today

Describe how media have shaped the way people interact with and understand the world they live in.
Discuss why it is important to study media and culture. Use specific examples to support your answer.
Your paper must be based on material covered in this class. Do not write a generic analysis of some random
topic related to media. Your paper should specifically address 1) the relationship between media and culture
throughout history and up to the present-day and 2) why it’s important to study media and culture.
It should include an introduction which engages the reader, expresses your perspective on the value of
studying media and culture and previews your main points (one paragraph). It should also include a discussion
section, which addresses the questions posted above (3-3.5 pages), and a conclusion which reinforces your
perspective on media and culture, reviews your main points and leaves the reader with something compelling
to think about (one paragraph) .