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Understanding Christian Faith

Understanding Christian FaithIn chapter 4 of Trevor Hart’s Faith Thinking, “Theologies Public and Private,” he examines some “contemporary approaches to theology which embrace objectivism and relativism as the only intellectual options” (p. 73), specifically the accounts of the rationality of Christian faith given by the German theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg, Scottish Anglican theologian John Macquarrie, and American Lutheran theologian George Lindbeck (pp. 74–89). In light of your own approach (or that of your specific faith tradition or denomination), how would you evaluate these three accounts? From your personal perspective (or that of your tradition), discuss anything you find helpful or useful about how these three contemporary theologians approach giving a rational account of Christian faith, as well as anything you find unhelpful or possibly detrimental. In conclusion, suggest what you see as the most faithful and commendable approach to giving a rational account of Christian faith (“faith thinking”), one which may combine or reconfigure or reject various elements of these approaches as you formulate your own.Write a three-page paper (not including title and bibliography pages) in response to this question utilizing Turabian Style for formatting and source citation. (See Turabian Requirements in the left-hand sidebar of this course in addition to A Manual for Writers for specific formatting and citation requirements.)It is recommended you develop an outline and working draft of several pages, then boil your thoughts down to the page requirement. By doing this you will be able to provide a concise and organized response that contains the most salient points and logical reasoning.