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Unborn child reflection

Imagine for the moment that you and your partner are pregnant. Compose a 4-page letter to your unborn child. If you already have a child (or children), write the same letter but direct it to one or all your children. If you have decided not to have children, write a letter to a “never born” child. Imagine that the letter will be read at some future date, such as the child’s 18th birthday, the day of the child’s wedding, or at the time of your death. Compose your letter by responding to the following 7 questions.

When and why did you decide to have (or not have) a child?
Which of your qualities do you believe will help make you a successful parent?
Which of your qualities may interfere with your ability to be a good parent?
What qualities do you want your child to possess? Why – according to the research?
What can you do as a parent to promote your child’s development according to the research? (select 3):
Cognitive development Language development

Physical development Social/Emotional development

Self/Personality development Gender role development

Moral development

What will you do, according to the research, to ensure your child is healthy, has positive friends, and is secure in his/her educational environment?
What bits of wisdom have you acquired that you wish to pass on to your child?