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U.S. Federal Bureaucracy and Public Policy

Complete the US Federal Bureaucracy and Public Policy worksheet

You must cite your references and use in-text citations in the correct APA format

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Step 1: Complete the federal bureaucracy matrix to demonstrate how it influences the U.S. political system. Include APA citations for all unoriginal ideas, facts, or definitions

Federal aviation is a US based national authority charged with the mandate of regulating the activities and resources of civil aviation. The major role of the authority is to assure public safety, through regulation of air safety, promoting the growth and development of air commerce, and regulating navigable air space to promote efficient and guarantee safety to the passengers (Chang et al., 2016). One most noted regulation developed and administered by the authority focused on certification of pilots and navigators. The main goal of the regulation was to ensure that ground instructors, pilots and any flight operator meet the certification requirement, and are eligible to safely conduct the piloting task. The regulation focused on monitoring the performance of the pilot overtime and offered obsolete certificate ratings depending on the level of performance registered. The regulation also controlled issues of alcoholism and detailed the punishment for offense involving drugs and alcohol. To ensure compliance, the authority constantly reviewed the pilots’ certificates and embarked on re-issuance for qualified candidates. The regulation was suitable in ensuring that only qualified personnel are engaged, that consequently assured maximum safety to the public users of the aircrafts (Regattieri et al., 2015).

Since the initiation of the Federal Aviation Authority, significant reduction in number of plane crashes has been reported in the US. The government has succeeded in ensuring that only eligible and qualified persons assume the piloting role to offer maximum security to the public (Chang et al., 2016).  Being one of the passengers, the enforcement of the regulation and constant monitoring to ensure compliance, have not only given us confidence in the operations of civil aviation, but have also made most passengers develop a sense of security when on board. The experience in this case, is desirable since chances of accidents are reduced to minimum. The fact that the pilots are constantly evaluated leaves no room for any errors. The regulation has therefore been effective in ensuring that the passengers remain safe as they move from one destination to the next.