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Typical style when it comes to prices.

This brand uses a typical style when it comes to prices. It fits in with other products in the same market. The
reason this brand succeeds it not because it is cheaper but simply because it is of better quality than its
competition but for the same price. It really depends on where you buy this product how much it cost in a gas
station it is going to be a dollar. Same as if you would buy at a concession stand. Again depending where you
buy it, it could be a little more or a little less. Hershey chocolate is made in Hershey Pennsylvania. Hershey can
be distributed online yes but it is also a product given to middlemen. Almost all stores across America you can
find a Hershey Bar. Big retail stores like Target and Costco but also gas stations like Casey’s are middlemen
for this product. To me all these places can be considered middlemen