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Types of stressors.

Name and explain the three types of stressors. Describe clearly an example of each type of stressor that you have experienced and discuss how you dealt with that stressor Explain how stress contributes to heart disease. Find a scholarly professional scientific journal article that addresses at least one effective way of managing stress and its effects. Discuss the article clearly, noting clearly conclusions and recommendations. Remember to cite the complete reference for the article in correct APA format. See the list of journals posted in the Resources Module in Canvas for some appropriate journals. Describe Milgram’s obedience experiments and discuss what they taught us about the power of social influence. What is prejudice? Explain the relationship between attitudes and actions. Discuss ethnic prejudice, gender prejudice, and sexual orientation prejudice. Give an example of explicit prejudice and implicit prejudice that you have experienced personally or that you heard or learned about via media. Considering the social roots and the cognitive roots of prejudice, discuss in detail three practical recommendations for attempting to prevent prejudice in young children.

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