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Types of human resources (HR) analytics used in your organization.

Some organizations use retention data or employee satisfaction surveys to assess the effectiveness of human capital management (HCM). Assess the analytics being used in your organization (or your last employer), and complete the following:

Describe the types of human resources (HR) analytics used in your organization.
Explain how these analytics are used to determine HCM effectiveness.
Critique the effectiveness of these analytics related to the CFO + CHRO = Power Pair formula that was discussed in the article.
In addition to addressing all requirements of the assignments, a model answer includes the following:
HCM analytics that your organization usesBalanced scorecard approachInclude financial data, organizational performance data, and employee survey dataConnect analytics to the effectiveness of the organizationCritique the relationship between the chief financial officer and the chief human resources officer working together on analytics. Discuss how the value of the two working together compared to what they use in their organization.
Additional Resources:

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Unit 4 – Discussion Board 2 due friday before midnight Unit: HCM Analytics

Deliverable Length: 400–600 words

Assignment ObjectivesIdentify human capital management gaps and develop effective planning strategies for workforce demand and supply, forecasting, demographics, and critical skills analysisInterpret data analytics and human capital management metrics to conduct trend analysis and predictive planning of workforce productivity and performance
Complete the following:
Describe 1 analytic used to capture human capital management (HCM) effectiveness.Explain the value and gaps in the use of this analytic.