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two nursing-sensitive patient outcomes

two nursing-sensitive patient outcomesPaper Details
Provide examples of two nursing-sensitive patient outcomes and discuss strategies for improving care as pertains to these outcomes. You may, for instance, discuss two core measures (such as VTE prophylaxis or stroke prevention) or two hospital acquired conditions (such as MRSA).

Journal activities in this course are private between the student and the instructor. Thesejournal entries will serve as a personal reflection on your knowledge
and experience relating to healthcare.
Guidelines for Submission: When writing this journal, please include evidence-based sources as well as your own reflections on the topic. APA format is to be
used for the references and in-text citations. Review W for information on creating a Blackboard journal entry.
Instructor Feedback: This activity uses an integrated rubric in Blackboard. Students can view instructor feedback in the Grade Center. For more information,
review W-
Knowledge of the Meets “Proficient” criteria and Clearly articulates what is Articul ates what is known Does not articulate what is
Topic offers greater insight about the known about the topic that is about the topic, but missing known a bout the topic under
topic that is under under consideration clarity and detail of content consideration
Organization of the Meets “Proficient” criteria and Logically organizes the topic Organizes the topic around Does not organize the topic
Subject Matter: offers keen insight about offering relevant commentary strengths and weaknesses and logically and does not present
Strengths and content strengths and on strengths and weakness; draws conclusions but with a clear conclusions
Weaknesses weaknesses of the topic as well draws clear conclusions that are lack of logical presentation and
as the conclusions that are reflective to the topic problems with clarity in
drawn conclusions
Use of Evidence- Meets “Proficient” criteria and Provides references from at Provides limited references, Does not provide evidence-
Based Sources offers more detail pertaining to least two evidence-based and the sources are not current based sources that are relevant
the references that are used in sources that are relevant and or relevant to the topic. APA and current to the topic. No
the journal. APA format is current to the topic, within citation format contains errors references are cited, and there
correct three years. Uses correct APA is no APA format used
format for reference citations
and for in-text citations
Articulation of Submission is free of errors Submission has no major errors Submission has major errors Submission has critical errors 10
Response related to citations, grammar, related to citations, grammar, related to citations, grammar, related to citations, grammar,
spelling, syntax, and spelling, syntax, or organization spelling, syntax, or organization spelling, syntax, or organization
organization and is presented in that negatively impact that prevent understanding of
a professional and easy-to-read readability and articulation of ideas
format main ideas

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