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Twelve Bones Assignment

Bones, Joints, and Muscles Injuries

Please color code or use a different front for your answers

  1. Discuss the following terms
  2. Fracture
  3. Closed fracture
  4. Open fracture
  5. Figure 14-1 shows what images.
  6. List 5 types of fractures.
  7. List the most frequent fractured bone in the body.
  8. Discuss mnemonic   D O T S.
  9. Discuss care for Fractures.
  10. List steps for checking CSM in an Extremity.
  11. Discuss dislocation.
  12.  List 6 joints that are most frequently dislocated.
  13. List 4 signs /symptoms of recognizing dislocations.
  14. List 5 steps to care for dislocations.
  15. What is a sprain?
  16. How are bones held together?
  17. Where do sprains mostly occur?
  18. List the signs and symptoms of sprains.
  19. Discuss care for sprains.
  20. Discuss muscle strain.
  21. List 6 signs and symptoms that may indicate a muscle strain.
  22.  Discuss how to care for strains.
  23. Discuss cramps.
  24. List 3 signs to recognizing cramps.
  25. List 5 steps to care for cramps.
  26. What is a muscle contusion?
  27. List signs and symptoms for contusions.
  28. Discuss care for contusions.    

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