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Truman administration response to the perceived threat of communist expansion

Truman administration response to the perceived threat of communist expansion

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12-point font


900 to 1100 words

Chicago or Turabian Style Footnotes

Use the Funnel Introduction Style

Objective Tone: Do not use first or second person (I, me, we, our, etc.)

Topic Prompt

Using the primary source material in the Revel textbook and the assigned readings listed below, analyze how the Truman administration responded to the perceived threat of communist expansion. As you construct your response, be sure to consider terms such as “the Iron Curtain,” “the Truman Doctrine,” “the Marshall Plan,” and “Containment.”

**An effective paper will pull material from both the primary sources and assigned readings**

For this Paper, you should use evidence from the following assigned readings:

-Primary Sources in the Fraser book on Revel: Section 24.2, “The Hardening of Positions: Containment, the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, and the Berlin Airlift”

-George Kennan’s 1947 Containment speech

-Churchill’s 1946 Iron Curtain speech

-1947 Truman Doctrine speech

-1947 Marshall Plan speech

-Fraser Book on Revel: Chapter 24, “The World the War Created”

-Elizabeth Edwards Spalding, “’A Growing Feeling of Certainty in the Righteousness of our Step:’ The Truman Doctrine,” in The First Cold Warrior: Harry Truman, Containment, and the Remaking of Liberal Internationalism (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2006), 61-79. (available on BB)

-Ferald J. Bryan, “George C. Marshall at Harvard: A Study of the Origins and Construction of the ‘Marshall Plan’ Speech,” Presidential Studies Quarterly 21, no. 3 (Summer 1991): 489-502. (available on BB)

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