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Trevor Noah; Born a crime

Read Trevor Noah’s memoir, Born A Crime. Please also read the other brief articles (and watch brief
videos) in this folder.
Among the other aspects of his story, some dates are important to keep in mind. Noah was born in 1984.
Nelson Mandela toured the United States in 1990, after many years in jail. Apartheid ended formally in 1991.
Nelson Mandela served as president 1994 to 1999. Trevor Noah began appearing on television in South Africa
in 2002; it had been banned throughout the country under apartheid.
Then write an essay in which you describe what you learned about South Africa from Noah’s book.
Remember: no one person can tell the whole story. But his perspective is an important one. To help you put his
story in context, you may use any other articles you find, but are not required to do so.