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Travel quarantine

Can you please complete the following
– Structure sentence
– Bold headings
– Number pages
– Complete table of contents
– Complete Abbreviations
– Add to Summary of patients visit table
– Clean up tables ensuring that everything fits and change layout to portrait
– Create graphs for the following
– Travel quarantine
– Graph for emergency flight depicting # in % and diagnosis for flights (see attached document and complete table that is incomplete
– Graph for summary of patient’s visited for year 2020 as it relates to amount in % monthly and services
– Graph for covid patient’s showing location and number (%)
3 in Bluff, 1 in Blackwood and 15 in Lower Bogue
Complete summary of patient’s year end table
Give an analysis of each graph. Put the graphs within the areas identified.
Please construct a spreadsheet/table with all staff on it (attendance sheet) incorporating (sick time, vacation time, quarantine time, medical certificate, compassionate leave etc)-Give an analysis of each
Structure sentences as it relates to challenges and recommendations