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Training Preparation Steps Activity

Example 1

Managers do not feel the customer service representatives are dealing politely with the customers.


To improve the quality of customer care.


  • Train customer service representatives to strengthen their customer care skills.
  • Train the management on strategies to improve the engagement of the customer service representatives.
  • Train the customer service representatives on managing customer feedback

Example 2

Employees feel the need for and nature of organizational changes should be communicated more clearly to the staff.


To improve the organizational change management process.


  • Evaluate, using surveys, the levels of the employee engagement in the change process.
  • Train the managers to a draw a risk management plan that details the possible challenges and strengths of the change process.

Example 3

Managers do not feel employees embrace the organizational mission statement.


To connect the employees with the company’s mission statement


  • Narrow the mission statement to the company’s vision and communicate the same to the employees.
  • Communicate the company values that support its mission.
  • Conduct climate surveys on company’s mission and vision to evaluate and determine the position of the employees in connecting with the mission.

Example 4

Mid-level managers report that the do not have a clear sense of how their responsibilities are different from the groups of employees they oversee.


To separate roles and responsibilities of the employees on different levels of the organization.                           Objectives

  • Establish and communicate clear sets of goals for both the management and employee positions.
  • Train mid-level managers to establish authority and respect when engaging with the employees to make them appear different.
  • Create an organizational chart that highlights the different levels of employees, their responsibilities, and the persons they report to.

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